Copies of Peter Abel's Original Chapters 17 - 21 and Appendices A - H

All of these are references to a single PDF document, generated on
January 2, 2010 by scanning pages 441 - 580 of Abel's text.

This copy has been authorized by Mr. Peter Abel via an e-mail,
a copy of which will be provided upon request.

My Chapter Number            Peter Abel's           Title                                        Page Number        Page Number
        Number                       Chapter Number                                                   in PDF Copy         in Abel's Text
            25                                   17                    External Storage                              1                       441
            26                                   18                    Sequential File Organization           25                       465
            28                                   19                    Virtual Storage Access                   41                       481
                                                                            Method (VSAM)
            27                                   20                    Indexed Sequential Access             66                        506
                                                                           Method (ISAM)
            29                                   21                    Operating Systems                         84                        524

NOTE:    For some reason, I decided that ISAM should be covered before VSAM.
                This is the reason that my chapter sequencing differs from that of Mr. Abels.

Here are Peter Abel's Original Appendices.  While the material has been worked
into my textbook, none appear exactly as in Abel's book. 

                                                                                                                            Page Number        Page Number
                                                                                                                            in PDF Copy        in Abel's Text
Appendix A    Hexadecimal-Decimal Conversion                                                        109                    549
Appendix B    Program Interrupts                                                                                113                    553
Appendix C    Assembler Instruction Set                                                                      117                    557
                       (Page 559 is upside-down.  This may be fixed)
Appendix D    DOS and OS Job Control                                                                     120                    560
Appendix E    Special Macros: INIT, PUTPR, DEFIN, DEFPR, EOJ                          128                   568
Appendix F    EBCDIC Code Representation                                                               132                   572
Appendix G    Summary of Assembler Declaratives                                                      135                   575
Appendix H    Summary of Assembler Directives                                                          137                    577

The first page of Appendix I (Answer to Selected Problems) appears in the PDF copy,
only because it was difficult not to scan it.  The present text does not use any of
Peter Abel's problem set.